I'm Gary; A Geo Technologist And A Geographer At Heart

A self-professed geek and map addict, Gary has worked in the mapping and location space for over 20 years through a combination of luck and occasional good judgement. Currently consulting with Lokku as Geotechnologist in Residence, Gary is helping to advance open geospatial technologies and bring them to new markets.

Although based in London, where he lives with his family, Gary works from anywhere with the magic combination of good coffee, free Wi-Fi and somewhere to charge his laptop.

Previously Gary was Director of Places and Director of Global Community Programs for Nokia and HERE. Prior to Nokia he led Yahoo’s UK Geo Technologies group, helping Flickr and Fire Eagle do location based services and even worked at the European Space Agency, a job which really was rocket science.

Despite working on mapping strategies and global projects, Gary continues to keep coding, mainly on planes, as maintainer for the Mapstraction JavaScript mapping API and has been known to make the odd WordPress plugin or two. He also talks at conferences a lot.

Gary has been tweeting about maps as @vicchi since 2007, writing about maps at www.vicchi.org since 2001 and also makes the occasional map at maps.geotastic.org.

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Gary sits on the Executive for the AGI, the United Kingdom’s Association for Geographic Information, is a founder of the Location Forum, the co-founder of WhereCamp EU and conference chair of W3G.

Despite prevailing wisdom, Gary firmly believes that espresso, rare steak, red wine and chocolate really should be considered food groups.

The layout for this page is on GitHub and is forked from The Personal Page and inspired by Tim Lum's implementation. Creative Commons photo credits go to Ken Yeung who snapped me at Geo Loco 2010 in San Francisco; social media icon credits go to Web Treats etc.