Hi! I'm Gary

At home, I'm a husband and a father.

At work, I'm a geotechnologist, a neogeographer and a geographer.

All the time, I'm a self-professed map addict.


A self-professed geek and map addict, I've worked in the mapping and location space for over 20 years through a combination of luck and occasional good judgement. I'm the CTO of what3words, helping everyone and everything have a human friendly global address. I'm also co-founder and director of Malstow Geospatial, a small consultancy firm offering bespoke consulting and services in the geospatial, geotechnology, maps and location based services fields.

When I'm not in an office, I work from anywhere with the magic combination of good coffee, free Wi-Fi and somewhere to charge my MacBook Pro.

Previously I've been Head of APIs for the Ordnance Survey, the United Kingdom's national mapping agency, the Geotechnologist-in-residence for Lokku, was Director of Places and Director of Global Community Programs for Nokia Maps and HERE Maps. Before joining Nokia I led Yahoo’s UK Geo Technologies group, launching GeoPlanet, Placemaker, helping Flickr and Fire Eagle do location based services and have even worked at the European Space Agency, a job which really was rocket science.

Despite working on mapping strategies and global projects, I try to keep coding, mainly on planes, as maintainer for the Mapstraction JavaScript mapping API and have been known to make the odd WordPress plugin or two. I also talk at conferences a lot.


I'm based in London, where I live with my family, Alison, B10 and I8 in Teddington. A commited Italophile, I'm also a science fiction fan who thinks that removing Deckard's noir voiceover from Blade Runner was utterly the right thing to do. Our house runs on Macs and OS X because it's basically UNIX with a lovely user interface; we've been Windows free for over a decade.

I've been tweeting about maps as @vicchi since 2007, writing about maps at www.vicchi.org since 2001 and also make the occasional map at maps.geotastic.org.

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, I've sat on the Executive for the AGI, the United Kingdom’s Association for Geographic Information, I'm a founder of the Location Forum, the co-founder of WhereCamp EU and conference chair of W3G.

Despite prevailing wisdom, it's a firm belief of mine that espresso, rare steak, red wine and chocolate really should be considered food groups.

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